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IT outsourcing



Marketing research

Strategic planning

Our solutions


  • Installation, configuration and technical support of equipment and software of workplaces
  • Server and network equipment maintenance
  • Comprehensive technical support and development of it-infrastructure of the enterprise
  • Corporate services administration
  • One-time provision of services / advice for IT specialists
  • Subscription service of companies by system administrators
  • Setup and maintenance of local networks
  • Development of transition plan and optimization of local networks


  • Cost saving through outsourcing and change in the process of statutory accounting, tax compliance and payroll to one that is less time consuming
  • Minimising the risk of insufficient knowledge of tax regulations or their incorrect application
  • Benefits from identified areas of tax savings
  • Professional assistance focused on a long-term achievements
  • Supporting your business with an effective communication and providing information necessary for decision making process
  • Providing you with a single point of contact ensuring access to a wide range of LASC Group expertise and service
  • Fresh look on your accounting and tax settlements supported by LASC Group specialists’ knowledge and practice
  • Quality services for a reasonable price.


  • We offer a complete start-to-end HR administration and management
  • We remove the headcount cost from the employer’s balance sheet
  • Labour matters are left to our experts to deal with staff related internal matters, allowing for professional and comprehensive, objective and quick action.
  • We ensure compliance with Employment/Labour Laws
  • We have an in-house capacity development plan for outsourced staff so as to ensure consistent skills set as required by clients. To us they remain as core staff.


  • International Market Research
  • Industry Research and International Trend Analysis
  • Identifying New Markets and Potential Foreign Business Partners
  • Macroeconomic Research for PESTAL/PORTER'S Analysis
  • Branding and Marketing Research for Market Plan Development
  • Competitor Analysis and Market Size Research


  • Our strategic planning process will take into consideration a number of critical factors associated with the service business including:
  • Market conditions that impact growth and service demand
  • The state of the organization, performance gaps and areas for improvement
  • Service level targets necessary to meet customer satisfaction goals
  • Resource requirements to meet projected service demand
  • Staff training and development initiatives
  • A review of the Service offering portfolio
  • Service tools and systems to enhance efficiency and productivity
  • The financial plan for the organization

About us

Our specialization

The solution to the problems of business management.
The results of our work are the improvement of manageability, efficiency and effectiveness of the companies – our clients.

Our experience

Over the years, done many projects in the field of formation of corporate strategy, management accounting, planning and budgeting, formulation of marketing and sales, implementation project management, development of strategy of development of information technologies and the creation of corporate information systems.

Our value

Depth of understanding of clients' problems
Systems approach to problem solving
An evolutionary approach to customer change
High professional level

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  • Fatigue from daily "routine", constant "fire extinguishing" accumulates; there is a wish to order activity of the company and to free time for creative work and personal life
  • There is a growing sense of loss of control; it is difficult to understand where and how much you lose, from which end you need to start to unravel the tangle of problems
  • Profits are falling; work volumes are rising, but financial results are deteriorating
  • The quality of products and services is reduced, customer loyalty is lost
  • The indifference, low interest of employees worries; there are a lot of people and there is no one to work; the best experts leave



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